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April 14, 2011

photography statement

April 14, 2011

Rhythm and harmony can be found in the most unpredictable of places. These photographs capture such moments among the stagnant disorder on my family farm. I sought out this place because of its overt trail of life. Though absent of people and animals, the debris and signs of their presence remain. Structure and symmetry inform the cast-away clutter to create a meditation on the simplest of places. Their quiet presence makes visible what is overlooked, and reveal the necessity of seeking out simplicity in everyday spaces.


January 25, 2011

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Photography prints

January 19, 2011

Love behind the clouds

January 12, 2011

What does it mean to be religious? It sounds like such a far off, crazed sort of reality for most people I suppose.
Is it really so out there though? and disconnected as some practice or imagine it to be?
I like to think I am striving towards connection, towards relationships and reality. I really am unconvinced that reality is strictly what we see. Reality then, is entirely up to interpretation. There is such a pull towards making reality relative, that everyone has their own reality. Their own little bubble to arrange their items in which ever order they see fit. I am not convinced.
Pain and hurt is a part of everyone’s life, as if it SHOULD be that way, like we shouldn’t really expect happiness, just careers if we’re lucky, and recognition from others if we really stand out.
I want so much more out of life than that! Sometimes I feel like I’m the first one who’s felt this lost and incomplete at times, but that’s untrue as well. It would actually be very naieve and prideful to feel that way.
This brings me back, once again, as it always does, to my religion.
It is the answer. We all want answers, don’t deny it. But love really does more than give you an answer, it gives reasons. They’re never consistently clear, at least not for me. I always doubt the possibility that I could be so carefully considered and valued. And yet, I’ve always known it, like it has been engraved on my heart. Sometimes it gets covered with dust, debris from searching for my answers. But when I look at Love, there’s no way I can imagine ever feeling separated from it.
No amount of money, recognition, or power has ever been able to fulfill the engravement on my heart. It always blows away and reveals the truth. In a way, because I’ve never much pursued money, recognition, or power, I see that my heart could never be filled by it.
The only clarity I see is when I look at Love.
And, I think, at some point in time, my heart was never able to deter from Love. I really understood it and trusted it. Then, I tried the other things, I don’t know why. I could probably think of a million excuses why, but none of them could every really suffice. It’s a mystery.
But, alas, I let the other things cloud my eyes, and my eyes have never been the same. And my eyes see love differently. And people differently. And the earth.
I think everyone has a little cloud in front of them. Some days it’s really dense and there’s no way love could reach those eyes. Everything becomes distorted, and in a way, very scary. But, o the day when those eyes can see Love clearly. I try to recall those times when it all made sense and go back to them. I try to recreate that experience and sort of set the scene again. Love rarely comes when you demand it though.
Love comes through the heart. The heart which is engraved with its signature. It’s like a branding, proof this is in fact an authentic heart filled with real blood sustaining a real life. Love always come through when you really need it, I feel. It reminds me that I have control over the density of that cloud in front of my eyes. Love dwells behind the clouds, waiting for me to see.

project changes

November 28, 2010

So my original concept and proposal of my project has morphed and evolved into something really interesting! (in my opinion). The shape interaction has become more focused.
I wanted to draw more attention and focus to the connections with the string between each object.
The surfacing is still affecting the piece, but now in a way that confuses the system in a disorienting sort of way.
This week i’ll take a close look at the bisqued pieces on the wall with the string connections in place. From there, I think i’ll be able to tell how the surfacing will go!

Protected: I’m Frustrated

November 22, 2010

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